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A Shipwreck in the Sand

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I wake up in the afternoon. Empty walls make up the room.
And I'm wishing for one thing,
To give myself the strength to keep myself alive,
Long enough to make sure you don't try to turn out anything like me,
Another fraud, another fake.

Don't pretend you're not the one who's wrong.

You're keeping me sane when I'm feeling alone. I wield my heart in my flesh and bones.
Don't leave to die by myself, I can't live without you.

The sunlight’s creeping through the blinds calling me from these confines.
There's only so many more days,
Until you're cast away from ever seeing me.
They won't understand, they'll never see the way you medicate my head.
Without you here, I'm left for dead.

You're all I have in a world that judges long before it sees.
You’re all I have in a place that hates me,
And only wants to push me down, now I'm forsaken,
Past the point I'll bend, you'll break me,
I won't be fine, you're all mistaken.
Don't pretend you're not the one who's wrong.

Don’t you pretend it’s gonna be ok.
Don’t lie and say its better off this way.
Don't pretend you're not the one who's wrong.

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